Kindergarten 2

At Kindergarten 2 level, Amore Prime School offers thematic learning which is conducted not only in the class but also in outdoor activities related to the theme.

Students learn various problem solving skills that develop their reasoning and way of thinking.
At K2 level, APS students also learn 3 languages: Bahasa Indonesia, English and Mandarin.
Application of every-day technologies such as operating a laptop is also taught during Computer lessons.

APS Students are expected to have higher creativity due to the Manga drawing lessons.
Cognitive development is also supported by the Fun Science activities in which they learn how to do simple scientific experiments that can be repeated at home.

APS K2 students learn to communicate well in English by means of class presentations in which they increase their vocabulary by telling and retelling stories.

Various performance activities in the school and in public are conducted to improve their confidence.